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We are celebrating fifty-years of professional residential and commercial renovation services, throughout South-Western, Ontario. From stucco, painting, dry walling, insulation, restoration and decorative ceilings, M Plastering is your number one source. Click below to learn more.

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Residential Stucco applications provide durable, cost-efficient, and aesthetically-appealing options for the exterior and/or interior of private residences as well as multiple-residence complexes. Don't hesitate to click below to learn more.

Exterior Stucco
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M Plastering is pleased to offer premier residential and commercial painting services throughout South-Western Ontario. Don’t hesitate to click below to learn more.

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We can help you create a beautiful decorative ceiling that can make as quiet and subtle or a bold statement as you desire. Click below to learn more about this service.

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We have the experience and expertise to restore your walls and ceilings to perfection. Invest in your home or business with our superior restoration service. Click below to learn more.

Ceiling & Wall Restoration
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M Plastering is your number one source for drywall service, installation, taping, mudding sanding and smoothing in South-Western Ontario and beyond! Don’t hesitate to click below to learn more about our services.

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We are pleased to offer insulation services throughout South-Western Ontario. Start saving on your energy bills with professional installed insulation throughout your home or business. Click below to learn more.

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M Plastering simply offers the best interior stucco service in South-Western Ontario, in addition to a number of related services. You can’t go wrong with M Plastering and our fifty years of superior service and excellent results. Click below to learn more.

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We are pleased to offer a wide-range of renovation services throughout South-Western Ontario. Don’t hesitate to click below to learn more about our service areas.

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Connecting with an M Plaster Representative couldn't be easier. We are pleased to offer a number of easy-to-use contact options to reach out to us, so please don't hesitate to contact a representative for assistance.

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Ceiling and Wall Restoration

Restoration refers to restoring something to its original, like-new condition. Here at M Palumbo Plastering, we’ve been restoring ceilings and walls for about fifty years so we can speak confidently to what ceiling and wall restoration is not.

Painting your ceiling is an option that many business and individuals will entertain (or worse yet, pursue) when looking to revitalize, restore and refurbish their ceilings. However, this does not provide any benefit at all to your ceiling, for your customers, employers and your family. Ceilings get particularly dirty over time, especially if they are in industrial or high traffic areas. The real solution is not to seal bacteria, grime and dirt into a state above your heads.

We can tell you that installation can be very expensive. The bulk of your cost will come with the suspension and T-Bar system that supports your ceilings as well as the labor required to custom fit it ro your space. Ceilings can also become dirty, quickly, so as professionals, it begs us to ask: “why would you ruin your ceiling with paint and a do-it-yourself coatings?

If ceilings are dirty or even damaged from pollutants and smoke, there is no need to paint your ceiling and trap it all in. Dirt, discoloration and worse is just going to bleed right through your paint coatings, which will leave no recourse for correction. Save yourself money and explore healthier solution by restoring them. We are here to help, every step of the way.

Bring Your Ceilings Back to Life

Whatever you do, don’t commit to a process that has a short-term solution to a very long-term problem. The issue is that the ceiling will continue to get dirty at the same rate that it did in the past. The applied paint or coating will generate its own layer of grime and dirt while the underlying pollutants will resurface. This will leave your home or office with a duly dark environment that is unproductive and unhealthy. Not to mention that your only option will be to paint it again. As a result, be sure to contact M Plastering and let us restore your ceilings, leaving your environment looking as originally intended, beautiful and clean.


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Wall Restoration Service

If you’re a homeowner or even a business owner who has had damage caused by water, either from a flood or a water leak, or had a fire, leaving your home or business damaged can be a nightmare. Have you experienced a mould outbreak that needs to be cleaned up? As a result of these unfortunate circumstances, were you left with a must or pleasant odor that needs to be removed?

M Plastering provides wall restoration services and helps property owners recover their homes and their life after an unplanned event, either man-made or by Mother Nature. We will ensure you and your family are safe as we complete your wall restoration project. We are fully insured and carry liability insurance and workers compensation coverage.

As your Southern-Ontario restoration contractor, we can provide you with a wide range of complete wall restoration services like drywall repair, sheetrock remodelling, plastering and interior wall replacement to name just a few.

Rest assured that we do not cut corners. We provide only excellent long-term value by hiring the best in the industry and providing high-quality results. You’ll have the confidence when the job is started and complete satisfaction when it’s all done.

And finally, we will answer all of question that you have. We will also walk through with you to inspect our work. Any concerns or final touchups will be handled promptly, before the job is finished. We will follow up with you after the project, and we appreciate your feedback. We will go all out and add your name to our long list of satisfied customers.

Service in Niagara

M Palumbo Plastering has been working in construction renovations in South-Western Ontario for fifty-years, offering a range of services. Our area of expertise include professional plaster service, decorative ceilings, restoration of walls and ceilings and so much more. We’ve worked on homes, commercial properties, offices, basements, cottages and much more. M Palumbo Plastering performs renovations and maintenance repair work in Niagara. Our main goal is to provide excellent service and high quality work at affordable prices.


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