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We are celebrating fifty-years of professional residential and commercial renovation services, throughout South-Western, Ontario. From stucco, painting, dry walling, insulation, restoration and decorative ceilings, M Plastering is your number one source. Click below to learn more.

About Us
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Residential Stucco applications provide durable, cost-efficient, and aesthetically-appealing options for the exterior and/or interior of private residences as well as multiple-residence complexes. Don't hesitate to click below to learn more.

Exterior Stucco
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M Plastering is pleased to offer premier residential and commercial painting services throughout South-Western Ontario. Don’t hesitate to click below to learn more.

Residential and Commercial Painting
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We can help you create a beautiful decorative ceiling that can make as quiet and subtle or a bold statement as you desire. Click below to learn more about this service.

Custom Decorative Ceilings
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We have the experience and expertise to restore your walls and ceilings to perfection. Invest in your home or business with our superior restoration service. Click below to learn more.

Ceiling & Wall Restoration
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M Plastering is your number one source for drywall service, installation, taping, mudding sanding and smoothing in South-Western Ontario and beyond! Don’t hesitate to click below to learn more about our services.

Drywall Service
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We are pleased to offer insulation services throughout South-Western Ontario. Start saving on your energy bills with professional installed insulation throughout your home or business. Click below to learn more.

Insulation Service
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M Plastering simply offers the best interior stucco service in South-Western Ontario, in addition to a number of related services. You can’t go wrong with M Plastering and our fifty years of superior service and excellent results. Click below to learn more.

Interior Stucco
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We are pleased to offer a wide-range of renovation services throughout South-Western Ontario. Don’t hesitate to click below to learn more about our service areas.

Service Areas
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Connecting with an M Plaster Representative couldn't be easier. We are pleased to offer a number of easy-to-use contact options to reach out to us, so please don't hesitate to contact a representative for assistance.

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WSIB Ontario Celebrating 50 Years of Success

Our Services

Whether you require plastering service, drywall service, decorative ceilings or have just purchased a property that requires remodeling, it helps to opt into our renovation service. Renovation services require the expertise of a professional service. This is where we can help you. We understand that renovation improvements involves thorough detailing and planning, time and project management and attention to details to complete each task, but rest assured with our services we will transform your home or office into a beautiful and functional space.

Residential and Commercial Painting

Here at M Plaster, we deliver on high-quality painting service and whole lot more. Where you’re envisioning a special finish on your living room walls, a fresh new look in your child’s playroom or a fresh new look for your business, we will bring all of your ideas to life. Only the sky and your imagination are the limits. To learn more, don’t hesitate to click below.

Decorative Ceilings

Most of us have heard the term “the ceiling is the fifth wall” of a room. Yet, most of us choose to keep it plain, paint them white, or just forget about them. Ceiling decorations are usually the last thing on our minds when remodelling a room, but here at M Plastering, ceilings are always on our minds. We can tell you that ceilings present great opportunity to add some interest, color and customization to a home or business. M Plastering offers superior ceiling decorative services. You’ll love our work so much that you might just ask us to decorate all of your ceilings.

Wall / Ceiling Restoration

Depending on the age of your home, you may have plaster ceilings and walls, or you may have a modern drywall installation. Regardless, this type of restoration work is no easy task and should be left to the professionals. Here at M Plastering, we don’t just provide painting services, but also high quality ceiling and wall restoration work.

Drywall Install / Taping / Mudding

M Plaster is the outcome of fifty years of service experience, attention to customer satisfaction, quality control and a desire for perfection. We seek to impress all of our clients with out quality, never too concerned about the quantity of the work we do, and we take great pride in all of our projects, regardless of size. If you require drywall service, installation, mudding, sanding, let M Palumbo Plastering be your first and only choice. Click below to learn more.

Insulation Services

Cleaning Promotions

Please be advised that we have temporarily suspended insulation services into the forseable future. However, if you require this service, please don't hesitate to reach out to us and we will do everything possible to be of assistance. We are currently being affected by a shortage of qualified insulators in addition to facing a lack of supply to carry out this service. Once we have addressed these issues, service will resume.

Interior / Exterior Stucco

We are pleased to offer a stucco division that specializes in the repair and installation of stucco and related services for your home or business, and can complete any stucco job, inside or outside your home. Let our skilled stucco masters, manage and match your stucco repairs or apply new stucco, we will give you the best options for what your project requires.

Free Estimates

Yes, we offer free estimates. Please click below to learn more.


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